Intimate Events



How I got here

Growing up, we moved – a lot. And because we didn’t have much, my mom kept everything. While it was happening, I hated it. I didn’t understand why we really needed that old sewing machine or that huge red milk can- this is probably why my hubs and I live so minimally now TBH. But what I did not see at the time was that my mother would make “home” in seemingly every place we lived basements, trailers, homes by the train tracks. And while we didn’t have much, she really knew how to welcome people into her home, meet them where they were at and truly love them.

That's what we do here.

We want to meet YOU.  Have love for Lana Del Ray but secretly motor mouth to Miley in the car? We want to know. Love the idea of a traditional wedding but too nervous to tell your mom you want a hot dog truck to send you off? Let us tackle it. We are inspired by the way that nature can disrupt the constructed. That lone rose bush in full bloom near an industrial building, vines crawling over wooden beams on your grandparents property? They have a story to tell, and so do you. We don’t have many rules here – well, we do but we can talk about that later. What we are trying to say is that your special event should feel special to you, and the people who know and love you. Not like you’re going on a blind date at their cousin’s house.